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  How to Contact Us and Book a Workshop

Telephone 020 8690 0597


The best time to ring Andrew Smith is after 6.00 pm - at which time, he has usually got back from school. You can then easily discuss dates and quickly sort out a booking. Otherwise, leave your message on the answer phone.

Please give us not only the number of your school but also a mobile or home telephone number (repeat twice), so that we can contact you that evening.

Note: trying to ring a school at lunch time, on a mobile phone, and locate a busy member of staff is no simple matter! It all works much better in the evening, unless, of course, the booking is being sorted out by the school secretary - and then a day time booking is not an issue.

If you are ringing to arrange a booking please try and have a number of alternative dates and remember that national science weeks are usually booked months in advance - as are all of the good science workshops! Play smart and arrange your science week in a different month from the norm and you will have a rich choice of science workshops to choose from.

If arranging a booking by e-mail, please ensure that you give us number of alternative times and dates - otherwise, much time is wasted going back and forth. We will only reserve a provisional booking for three working days. Once you have confirmed a booking we will then send you, by post, a written confirmation and invoice for your records .

Cancellations - you may cancel a booking, with no penalty, up to three weeks before the show. After that you pay for the day. To cancel - we must have it in writing and we will confirm the cancellation in writing. No written confirmation means that the workshop has not been cancelled.