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Andrew Smith's Nursery & Early Years Workshop

This is our latest workshop, introduced in early 2009 - and we are pleased to announce that it has gone down a treat with Early Years teachers. Essentially what we have done is tweaked the senses theme and redeveloped it as the touchy feely workshop aimed at very young children, whether in nurseries, play-schemes and toddler groups. As most of the bookings for this workshop are for an hour - it offers excellent value and can be as little as £100 if your nursery is within the M25 and is situated in easy striking distance of the A2, A20 and A 21. Half day: £160 (2 workshops). Full day: £200 (4 + workshops).

If you are a school based, Early Years department we need to be in your school by 8.00am in order to set up - to begin at 9.15am. Note: we have observed over the years that many school based nursery departments organise the day as follows.

They have a nursery and a reception class/group in the morning and the afternoon nursery, plus reception after lunch.

This ensures an optimum use of time and the very best value for money.

The touchy feely workshop is essentially, as its name implies, all about exploring the world with your fingers - for you adults that is the forgotten sense but one which children embrace with gusto! We do cold, warm, hard, soft, rough, smooth, scaly, squidgy, silky, slimy, hairy and of course tickly as we introduce your children to a host of fascinating animals - all of which, have been chosen for their suitability for working with young children. Have you ever run your fingers down a tortoise's scaly leg or had two hundred tickly legs walk across the palm of your hand? If not you could be in for a treat!

The children are invited to stroke a whole host of things, from a silky live snake, a smooth lizard - to rough crocodile handbags and turtle shells: courtesy of HM Customs. Other delights are sticking their fingers in a snail's mouth, touching the rough exoskeleton of a giant stick insect and stroking spider's hairy legs. After all of this, we, of course, wash our hands.