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Prices and additional information about booking and workshop requirements

It is intended that all of our workshops are not only amongst the best in the field (and they are) but also fully insured and competitively and fairly priced. Andrew Smith well remembers, as a young teacher, booking ridiculously priced workshops into his school that simply did not deliver the goods.

Our main primary school workshop is - Andrew Smith's Minibeast Workshop. This is the workshop, which covers all aspects of National Curriculum Life Processes: Senses, Variation, Locomotion, Habitats, Classification, Food Chains and Adaptation. School teachers may also like to look at our Rainforest Workshop and Our Nursery & Early Years Workshop - both of which, are theme or age group specific.

1. Minibeast workshop: £200 to £300 depending on the distance travelled. A half day booking is £160 (half day workshops are undertaken if within or near the M25).

2. Rainforest Workshop: £200 to £300 depending on distance travelled. Half day: £180. (Note that this workshop involves much carrying and takes a minimum of one hour to set up).

3. Nursery & Early Years Workshop: One hour nursery/toddler group workshops £100/£120 depending on distance. A half day nursery workshops is £160. Full day: £200.

5. Evolution Workshop: £200 to £300 depending on the distance travelled. A half day booking is £180 (half day workshops are undertaken if within or near the M25).

6. Evening Workshops: Youth clubs, Scouts, Guides and Cubs and Brownies. Workshops: £90 to £120 for one full hour, depending on distance. Whole-day scout jamborees £170. Please note that we do not undertake workshops in tents. It has to be a hut, with electricity, for heating if necessary. We are tropical - we do not do cold, even English summer cold!

7. Science Festivals: £200/£250 per day depending on distances. If the festival location is not commutable, is on a university college campus and lasts for a number of days - free accommodation should be part of the package! London museums are usually £200 for the day.

8. Andrew Smith's UK Tarantula Lectures: £100/£250 depending on distance. The lectures are designed to last one and a half hours. Accommodation is expected if not commutable. Lectures abroad: £300 for a 1½ or two hour lecture (an additional lecture, on a following day, is complementary if so wished) plus flight and accommodation/food. Andrew will expect to be able to sell his latest book or DVD at some point during the day. If you are a small local society, within easy striking distance of South London, give Andrew a ring to discuss a booking and a cheaper rate at a quiet time of the year.

Terms and Conditions

Payment terms: Schools - payment by cheque or BACS. Settlement of payment: no later than 28 days on completion of the workshop. Please note that we will send you an invoice with the confirmation when you book the workshop. The booking officer should then make a copy for her own records and give the original to the school secretary or bursar.

Timing: Andrew Smith will be at you school at 8.00 am. This early start is necessary in order to give him adequate time to set up the workshop, heat the room, check the animals and settle them in for the day.

Kick-off is usually 9.15am and the Minibeast Workshop sessions are designed to last one full hour. You can make them longer but please not less! The Rainforest Workshop is designed to last for at least one and a half or even two hours. You can squeeze as many workshops into the day as your timetable allows - but please remember both the demonstrator and animals need an hour lunch break. If your time table is very tight - make sure that the next class is waiting, on time, outside of the room or your timetable will unravel before your very eyes. It is best to leave ten minutes between each workshop.

Numbers: The workshops work best (if you want to enjoy the touchy feely aspect of the show and have your children working closely with the animals) with one or two classes of 30/60 children. Three classes - 90 children is essentially a demonstration with only volunteers coming up to work with the animals. We do not recommend groups above 90. If you are a four form entry school and cannot fit all of your year groups in - book a second day and enjoy another day of quality workshop sessions! We do not do whole school demonstration.

Location: The workshops work best in one fixed spot as we usually set up display tables as a habitat backdrop. This is a table or benches, which are covered in exotic rugs and plastic plants. The fixed spot is usually a music room, dance studio, library or spare classroom or hut. If it is a classroom, we simply push the furniture to the side of the room and use the middle of the room. A sports hall is perfectly acceptable, unless the room is also used as dinner hall and, in the winter, the doors are flung open to the elements at lunch time. If the dinner hall must be used, please make arrangements to move the children in and out of the hall without compromising heating. Please remember our animals are tropical and need to be kept warm. We do not do cold!

Heating: Please remember that our animals are tropical and do not do cold. During the winter months normal school heating levels are usually perfectly adequate - and if needs be we have fan heaters to boost the room temperature.

Parking: No parking - no workshop. We need a parking space in the school car park or in the playground. If it is in the playground you can easily cone and rope it off. We have many boxes to unload and carry and it is not feasible to park in the street or down the road.

Lunch break and toilet breaks: Please allow five minutes between each workshop for a toilet break and at least 45 minutes for a lunch break. No unaccompanied children should have access to the demonstration area during break times. The demonstrator should have access to staff toilets or a toilet which is not used by unaccompanied children.

Cancellation: you may cancel a booking, with no penalty, up to three weeks before the show. After that you pay for the day. To cancel we must have it in writing and we will confirm the cancellation in writing. No written cancellation means that the booking has not been cancelled.

Severe weather warnings - snow: We are sorry but we cannot take the chance of taking tropical animals out on snow or in blizzard conditions. If the vehicle should break down we would lose all of our animals. Please remember that the health and safety of our animals is a paramount consideration. In such a scenario we will do all we can to rearrange the booking to your satisfaction.