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  Photographic Gallery - Rainforest Workshops  
You can immediately see in these images of our rainforest workshop that we bring to your school a whole host of rare and exotic resources, which you normally only have access to in a museum. These ranges from giant tropical seeds to genuine artefacts from Sarawak! Some of your children will have the opportunity to burst a balloon with a 100 year old blowpipe, while dressed as Dayak child. There are very few workshops out there that can match our resources. All that and a whole host of genuine rainforest or monsoon forest animals - ranging from crabs, Asian terrapins, millipedes, banana beetles and larvae, cockroaches, scorpions, toads, tree-frogs, snakes, stick insects and tarantula spiders. And if any animals are not from these habitats, we explain why we use stand-ins!