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Andrew Smith's Rainforest Workshop

The Rainforest Workshop is aimed at both the top end of KS/1 and any year group in KS/2 - where staffs intend to study a specific habitat at a far greater depth than is usual with our normal one hour workshop. Whereas the Minibeast Workshop examines a number of different habitats, the Rainforest Workshop is designed to last for two hours (minimum one and a half hours) and, as it name implies, looks at the Rainforest.

It is a very specialist workshop and a firm favourite amongst a number of schools, who enjoy the leisurely pace, the unusual tropical animals and a touch of drama - as Andrew Smith takes their children into the rainforests of Borneo on an imaginary fieldtrip. He first equips the expedition, with what they will need as scientists, and then introduces them to the rainforest itself. Introduction over we begin to explore the forest and meet the animals, which are to be found in three specific micro habitats (1) rainforest rivers, (terrapins, crabs and crocodiles), (2) the forest floor (cockroaches, millipedes, beetles, forest scorpions, toads, snails - then finally (3) the canopy. Here we meet flying cockroaches, stick-insects, tarantula spiders, tree frogs and snakes. He also takes the opportunity to demonstrate a blow pipe and dress up a child as a Dayak hunter. The workshop includes a most wonderful collection of crocodile heads, skulls, turtle and terrapin shells, (courtesy of HM Customs) seed pods, textiles, wooden totems, masks, and hunting tools such as bows and arrows and blow pipes. Andrew offers the sort of thing that you can see in books or on television but never expect to touch and photograph for your classroom data base! We even use rainforest sound effects - what more could you ask?
Note: in this workshop although the animals are seen close-up only some are deemed suitable for child contact.

Please note that as this workshop takes so long to set up and involves much carrying (we literally build a rainforest in your music room, hall, library or spare classroom with film-set plants, exotic rugs and masks, seeds and artefacts) - half day bookings are only accepted if the school is inside the M25. Beyond the M25 a full day booking is the norm.