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Andrew Smith's Scouts, Guides & Youth Club Workshops

This workshop has been designed specifically as a one hour evening workshop for Scouts, Guides, Cadets and Youth clubs. We can also present a lighter version for Cubs, Brownies and Beavers. For the older children and teenagers we essentially explore one of the most exciting ideas in science: adaptation - a theme which your older children will have been introduced to at school.

This workshop is red in claw and tooth and your children will enjoy it thoroughly. We use a large selection of reptiles, amphibians, insects, millipedes and, of course, my favourite - arachnids. They will sit glued and you can rely on us to have thoroughly thought through health and safety issues and be comprehensively insured.

We do not use giant reptiles and we do not put tarantula spiders on children's hands. Nevertheless, we promise you that they will still have hands on experience - but experience that emphasises respect through interaction.

The whole idea is that at the end of the session they will be fascinated for the rest of their lives. There is nothing quite like stroking a tarantula spiders gorgeously silky legs!

Please note that we use tropical animals and thus it is crucial that your building is warm. In the winter months it cannot have doors that open out into the night and when flung open allow all of the warm air to escape. If you have such a building then we are best enjoyed as a summer booking. Cold animals can easily become dead animals!

Note: we bring along additional heaters to ensure warmth but these will not be sufficient if the heating is poor or your fuse boxes are liable to crash.

The only other thing that we ask is parking. We must have access to a parking spot near to the club house as heavy boxes have to be carried in from our vehicle. Prices are essentially £100/£120 for one full hour depending on distance.